Solidarity with people of Turkey

Serbian Green Youth stands in solidarity with people of Turkey and their upraise, expressing deep concerns for their safety, right of expression, mobility and other civic rights. We support strives of turksih citizens to fight democratic deficit in their country, to oppose represion of the governement and point finger in ones who rule country by violance, corruption and against public and citizens interest.

We acknoweldge great contribution that recent events in Turkey gave to activists movements around the globe, showing that one tree is worth fighting for, that one man can make a difference and that solidarity can win over censorship, violance and opresion.

We call Turkish authorities to stop brutality of state structures over citizens, to set free media and journalist and engage in democratic dialog with citizens. We call international institutions to set clear message to Turkish diplomats that this behievor of the state is not acceptable and that violance can not be tolerated in countries that represent themselves even as nominaly democratic states.

Furthermore, we invoke people around the globe to support people of Turkey, help them win over censorship of media and spread the word. Lets stay united agains opresion, against ignorance and against violance.

Cause world belong to us.

Monday, June 3, 2013 - 18:45
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