Support letter to people of Georgia and Georgian Young Greens

The previous weekend Tbilisi, capital of Georgia, was hit by a big storm that caused flash flooding. During the floods at least 19 people have died and more people are missing, while the rest of the population is advised to stay in their homes to avoid an encounter with runaway animals from the zoo. The agitated animals attacked and killed people couple of times, because they were in previously unfamiliar environment for them.

Great material and cultural damage will leave a mark on the economy and the further development of Tbilisi and Georgia.

Different types of natural disasters are affecting more and more often where they are not expected and which haven’t been previously affected. These disasters are linked to climate change and global warming. The link between climate change and natural disasters is mostly visible in case of floods. Increase in the average temperature of only 0.5 degrees Celsius led to an increase in the amount of water that enters the cycle of water circulation and boost its intensity by 4 percent, which means that more water evaporates, which must return through precipitation. Excess rainfall usually ends up in riverbeds, and if riverbeds do not have sufficient capacity to absorb the excess water leads to overflow and flooding.
Effects of floods are magnified by lack of good infrastructure and poor planning and urban sprawl, which leads to a great number of victims due to poor responds to the situation.

During these catastrophic events collective shock usually occurs, which is used by neoliberal capitalist system to implement the shock doctrine. While the people are still disoriented, many goods and services are tried to be commodified, even culture and nature, where at the end whole society ends double impoverished and plundered and small number of individuals ends being enormously rich.

As in case of floods in the Balkans in May last year, during such events there is great solidarity among people in response to the failure of political elites to adequately respond to the needs of the population at a critical moment. We encourage Georgian Young Greens to use this solidarity and focus on changing the political and economic system to a more humane, more righteous and more sustainable system that would protect all people, animals and nature in general.

Serbian Green Youth expresses its solidarity and support to the people of Georgia and our comrades from the Georgian Young Greens. As we got through a similar situation in our country, we can only express the hope that they will emerge stronger out of this situation and that they will demonstrate a high level of solidarity during these terrible floods and that the damage will be removed as soon as possible.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015 - 16:30
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